Ivoire Bio Fruits is a subsidiary of ITIA, a company that produces dried fruits. Working with several cooperatives, Ivoire Bio Fruits offers fresh and dried fruits (mango, papaya, pineapple, ginger,coconut and banana) certified organic in Europe (EOS) and the United States (NOP).
The company relies on a network of producers based in the main fruit production areas(south and north of Côte d'Ivoire).
Committed to a quality approach, Ivoire Bio Fruits is committed to a HACCP certification process after making investments allowing its unit to meet international standards.
The company offers a wide range of fresh and dried fruits, namely mango, papaya, pineapple,ginger, coconut and banana.
Relying on a network of more than 250 producers, Ivoire Bio Fruits generates significant impacts with the support of Comoé Capital (www.comoecapital.com), an impact investor with a stake in Ivoire Bio Fruits for support its development.